Reports are circulating that a former school bully of a secondary school in County Donegal has now become a Lycra-clad cycling enthusiast.

Jimmy ‘Dead-leg’ Ó Blaggard, the ex-school bully that tormented students of St. Asbestos’ School for Boys from 1995-2001, has, since leaving school, given up his bullying hobby to spend his weekends dressed head to toe in Lycra, while out on his top of the range bicycle.

Paul Stew, one of Ó Blaggard’s victims, accidentally spotted the retired rascal on Facebook when he became a friend suggestion. “I couldn’t believe it. There was the prick that once threw my TD project into the river, now dressed in tight, luminous Lycra shorts and not even looking one bit embarrassed about it” said Mr Stew.

Bertie Bookworm, another former pupil of the school, witnessed Mr Ó Blaggard squeezed into a pair of orange tights, while sipping a latte outside a bistro with a group of MAMILs (Middle Aged Men in Lycra).

Mr Bookworm told Donegal Dollop, “Jimmy ‘Dead-leg’ once locked me in the girl’s toilets chanting ‘spa-shoes’ because I wore a pair of Hi-Tec runners. Now he’s dressed like that without any hint of irony. The dick.”

Mr Ó Blaggard was unavailable for comment. However, he did tell us his bike cost over €3500. But we didn’t care.