The Donegal eduction system has come under fire after it emerged that a local senator, who was educated under the system at both primary and secondary level, was left completely unable to understand the English language (unless it’s required to fill out an expenses claim form).

Documents released under the Freedom of Information Act show that the Standards in Public Office Commission (who were seeking to investigate the Senator’s expenses) have spent over €25,000 on translation services as a result of the Senator’s inability to understand the Queen’s English.

Local residents who attended school alongside the Senator seemed shocked at the news. “His English always seemed grand as far as I can remember,” said one former classmate, “I guess he just learned coping mechanisms that made it seem like he could speak English. The poor cratúr, it’s sad to think he’s been struggling in silence with this problem for all these years.”

A spokesperson for the Education Minister said there are plans being made to introduce an English oral exam specifically for Donegal students to ensure that no students slip through the cracks in the future.

Although many have been quick to criticise the Donegal education system, a press spokesperson argued that while it may have failed the Senator in terms of English, it excelled in other areas such as physics, equipping him with the knowledge and skills to develop a quantum teleportation system that allowed him to claim expenses for multiple events taking place at various locations around the country at the same time.