Donald Trump has finally opened up and confirmed his complete and utter “cunt” status.

“I’ve worked all my life, paid my taxes, shouted at some brown people, mocked the disabled and now I’m just getting on with being a total and absolute fucking cunt,” he said, speaking to an assembled gathering of cunt worshipers in South Carolina earlier in the week.

“If anyone has a problem with me being a cunt, you’re just not a proud American,” he continued, saying that he knew one day, he’d earn enough money for the right to be an extreme cunt.

“If I’m chosen as your nominee,” he told the rally, “I’ll make sure every hard working American is free to behave like a complete cunt to all sorts of minorities, such as Mexicans, Gays, Refugees, Disabled People, Muslims, Women… and Hillary Clinton”.

Bookmakers have now suspended all betting, as they are sure that after the presidential election in November 2016, a cunt will be in the Whitehouse.