A stuck-up, conceited woman finally accepted that she wasn’t all that and reluctantly settled for a local undesirable man, it has been reported today.

Winnie Wallflower, a spinster from Donegal Town, confirmed her relationship with village layabout, Jimmy Workshy after years of declaring; “I don’t want no scrub”.

The 43-year old office administrator adopted the lyric from the 1999 TLC hit ‘No Scrubs’ and has used it as her mantra for almost two decades. Unfortunately her high-maintenance and unrealistic expectations for herself were too much to uphold, resulting in her liaison with Mr Workshy, an unattractive, underachiever and all-round general waster.

Work colleagues of Ms Wallflower said; “Good enough for the snobby, aul mare. She’s no oil-painting and has a wile fat arse, I’m glad she’s stuck with that wastard. Who’d she think she was anyway, Joan Collins or something?”

Mr Workshy was last seen hanging out the side of his best friend’s ride. Ms Wallflower was unavailable to comment on whether or not he lived at home and possessed a shorty and didn’t show love.