Scientists at the North Western Space Administration have this morning confirmed they have discovered evidence of flowing water in Prochlais, a necessary requirement for sustaining a fish farm.

Elders from surrounding townlands have long told of a mysterious aquacultural installation in the region, however, all previous efforts to discover the exact location have proven fruitless. Legend has it that the area remains perpetually cloaked in mist and can only be glimpsed once every seven years. The mysterious and almost inaccessible nature of the region famously provided the inspiration for the hit ABC TV show, ‘Lost’.

The discovery of liquid water in the region provides evidence, for the first time, that a real fish farm may actually exist in the region. In a press release following the announcement, the Illuminati confirmed that they intend to send a team of Freemasons to the region to put fluoride in the water, as soon as they’ve finished visiting Mars and faking another moon landing.