Google looks set to formally launch its browser crashing service, Google Chrash, after an announcement at a recent web summit.

The application will allow the user witness a frozen Google Chrome screen for an undetermined period, while simultaneously showing a spinning-wheel mouse icon that gives the impression that something is actually happening behind the scenes.

“The time has come to formally recognise what has been a Google stalwart over the past few years,” said a spokesperson for the company, outlining the key features of the website, including:

•Non-specific launch button (typically copying a link, or just clicking on something after a period of non-use).
•Infinite Freeze Capability (staring at the spinning wheel might give the impression that it will eventually stop, where in reality, it goes on forever until you force the site to close in Task Manager)
•Additional extensions that crash every application you have open on your desktop

The new offering is expected to generate an additional USD 1 billion in revenue for Google, with typical users 30+, reasonably computer illiterate / haven’t a fucking clue why computer says “no”.