Donegal Dollop has been given a Daniel O’Donnell EXCLUSIVE and are pleased to present this first edition of Daniel’s weekly diary as he competes to win Strictly Come Dancing 2015:

Well hello there, how’s it all hangin’?

So glad to get through the initial launch on Saturday. It was a nice wee show. Someone like me would be used to much bigger stages but sure, anythin’ at all now to get us out there in front of our TV audience. You’d wonder how many pairs of frilly knickers hit a Samsung when I came down those steps on Saturday swinging me sparkly blue hat. I’m the real “The Wanted” do ye know, not that tattooed buck with the perm.

Boy I scrub up well...
Boy I scrub up well…

I’m gyettin’ on so well with everyone on the show. Tess Boobs and Clauda Fringe are such professionals, you’d always know where the eye line is, though I’ve seen both of them checking out me one pack 😉

The judges seem dead on too, but I’m half wonderin’ if I’d be better off gettin’ Majella onto the panel, would come in wile handy for me on Pasodoble week no doubt. Bruno is a bit full of himself. He thinks he’s a bit shit-hot but wait until he sees me wigglin’ the O’Donnell hips. I’ll have to get them down in bus loads from Iverness so they can go wild for me in the Strictly audience. Craig’s hoity toity. Len’s a pro like me and Darby Darcy Bushell seems like a nice gyerl.

I’m pure delighted at my partner Kristina. She’s got a quare glint in her eye but I’ll be puttin’ both feet down to tell her to keep her hands off. If there’s any hint of the flirtin’ at all, I have Majella on standby to come clock her one with a bottle of Football Special.

Tess Boobs checks out me one pack!
Tess Boobs checks out me one pack!

Has Queen Elizabeth been in touch yet to say she’s a fan? Majella’s dyin’ to get a gander around Buckingham Palace. And someone tell that Enya to get onto Twitter to support me. Us Donegal wans need all the support we can get from our fellow Tír Chonnail kin and nobody over here remembers who Bernard McHugh is.

I’m off back to rehearsal now. Today is ballroom, sure it’s where I’ve spent most of my life!

All my Love,

Strictly Come Daniel

What do yis reckon?
What do yis reckon?