Donegal is in mourning as it’s been reported that a local man’s cassette tape of Roxette’s Joyride has finally snapped, after 24 years of continuous play.

The incident happened earlier this evening when Ardara man, Danny Disco, was travelling home in his 1989 Opel Kadett.

The heartbroken 42 year old told Donegal Dollop about the moments leading up to the occurrence; “I had a tough day at the aul job, so decided to take the Kadett for a wee stage over the back-roads. I popped the Roxette cassette in and fast-forwarded side B to the end of the tape, then ejected it so it’d be at the start of side A.”

Danny Disco went on; “Well when Joyride began, I could feel the music pumping and put the foot down and booted it over past Jamesie Dubh’s chalets. I was about 15 minutes from home, and wanted to have another listen to that song, so I stopped the tape to rewind, when the wastard snapped.”

Bachelor, Mr Disco, who lives with his mother, concluded; “I was buckin’ devastated, hiy. I bought that tape when I did the leaving cert and have listened to it everyday. I don’t know how I’ll cope without it. I’ll have to get the song requested on Highland and record it, but when I place the two radios side by side, I’ll have to tell mammy not to talk during it.”