A Gweedore woman is into her third day of juicing after enjoying a Nettle and Celery juice for breakfast this morning.

Forty-one year old Mairéad Ní Chairéad made the juice for breakfast this morning in her “NutriWullet” machine and really thinks that she’ll reach her short term goal of juicing every morning without fail for the rest of her life.

“Aye, everyone’s telleen me it won’t last but tá mé suráilte béidh mé juiceláil liom go deo hiy,” she told us, while holding her nose and gulping back the large glass of thick green putrid liquid.

Juicing is a relatively new phenomenon to catch on in Donegal, which makes people give up the enjoyment of eating food in favour of a glass of tasteless green or brown looking pishwather.

It’s believed to have its origins in the bible, when Lucifer juiced the apple of Eve and used it to quench the thirst of his unblessed hordes.