RTÉ are to commission a cutting-edge new reality television show, set in Donegal, called The Great Irish Wake Off.

Over sixteen weeks, wakes all over Donegal will compete in gruelling challenges, including:

  • Sandwich making
  •  Cigarette Offering
  •  Cadbury’s Roses Emptying
  •  Coffin Watching
  • Gossip

The series will also feature traditional wake staples such as:

  • The weird Uncle who jets in from abroad and nobody’s quite sure what to say to him
  • The nephew “who’s gotten so tall, is now almost as tall as Son of Donegal, Usain Bolt”
  • Car parking and the strategic positioning of the “wake in progress” sign

Each episode will feature a “Star Mourner,” someone the rest of the gathered can’t stand who makes the sandwich bread soggy with all the tears.

The lucky wake who wins the Great Irish Wake Off will receive a lifetime supply of rosary beads, two mirrors for each of the faces of those in attendance, along with their very own priest.

Applicants can apply online and the series is expected to start shooting during the month of the holy souls.