An Irish man by the name of Brien O’Denis has been officially awarded the Nation’s Favourite Asshole Award 2015.

The coveted title, granted to people who excel in the art of squatting down and defecating over an entire country, will be officially awarded tonight at a civic reception in Tramore, Waterford.

Many are expected to be in attendance at tonight’s event, including Vladimir Putin, Citizen Kane, Rasputin the Mystic Monk, and Lord Voldemort.

Mr. O’Denis, who first rose to national prominence when he stole two paper cups and a piece of string off a couple of children and claimed to have invented the mobile phone, is receiving the award for swinging his slightly less than medium-sized phallus in the direction of anyone who mentions his name.

Reacting to the news, a spokesperson for Mr. O’Denis said the rich wastard was “pure delighted” while demanding that nobody mention his name ever again.


  1. On behalf of genuine Irish assholes throughout the country, I must object in the strongest possible terms to the awarding of the title of Favourite National Asshole of the Year to Brien O’Denis.
    Here we are, day after day, week after week, toiling away in Government, Banks, Ryanair and Irish Water, to name but a few, treating the Irish people like garbage and making shit of their daily lives, and here you go giving this prestigious award to a bloody foreigner.
    It’s a disgrace I tell you.
    Not that I have anything against foreigners of course, some of my best friends are foreigners, and I also know people from Leitrim which proves that this isn’t just a bigoted rant.
    But it’s a bit rich to expect us properly qualified Irish assholes to sit idly by while some pneumatic Portugee or Malteser or wherever he’s from with corrugated hair, (and slightly less than medium sized phallus), swans in and takes the trophy.
    Give him the award of Favourite Foreign Asshole of the Year, or even Favourite Fine Gael Asshole of the Year, if you wish, but in my opinion the award of Favourite National Asshole of the Year should go to someone who is, well, Irish in the first place, and it is a well known fact that Mr O’Denis abandoned his Irishness many years ago when it proved too costly for him.

    Yours in disgust,

    Abu O’Donnell.