Mysterious circles have appeared overnight on a stretch of the N56 between Letterkenny and Donegal Town, sparking a spate of rumours across Donegal that extra-terrestrial forces are at play.

The circles, which are doughnut shaped, appeared on a stretch of road synonymous with foreign looking craft.

Many believe the circles are the site of an alien spaceship landing, with local reports that somewhere between the hours of 2am and 5am, “strange engine noises were heard as the two lights of a fast-moving object were spotted spinning around on their axis, until screeching to a halt and then carrying on up the road”.

Others are less inclined to believe this explanation, instead opting to believe that they’re the on-road equivalent of crop circles, where the tar is heated as a result of the strange natural phenomenon of the plasma vortex (hot wind being very common in Donegal, particularly around areas where there are local TDs present).

Some people are rubbishing the claims entirely, saying that it’s just ‘Seamy an Chnoic’ having a bit of fun with a donkey and cart, and three cans of red bull.

This latest sighting brings the number of occurrences of the mysterious circles to every Saturday night.