The village of Meenlaragh is on high alert this evening at unconfirmed reports that one of its residents decided to park their car on the other side of the house.

Earlier today, seventy-two year old Charlie Caide grew suspicious when the red 06-DL Toyota, usually parked on the side of his neighbour’s house nearest to his, was in fact parked on the other side of the house completely.

“I picked up the phone to the other neighbour straight away” said Charlie, telling us that, “it’s obvious that anyone who parks their car on the side they don’t normally park on, is up to no good like plotting a terrorist attack or a rampage over yonder with a chainsaw”.

This brings the total number of abnormal incidents that have devastated the local community to three – after that time in January the neighbours over the road turned their sitting room lights off one hour earlier than normal and the time last year when the house next door were “at least eight minutes late getting back from mass”.

Neighbourhood Watch are asking people to be vigilant, and to report everything about everyone they can possibly see to the wider locality.