Horrific scenes in Sallynoggin today...
Horrific scenes in Sallynoggin today…

There were violent scenes near the Baiji oil refinery in Iraq this morning after Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq was attacked with a water balloon by ISIS militants during an official visit to the region.

Unfortunately, the terror did not stop there. Al-Mutlaq managed to dry himself off and retreat to the relative safety of his State vehicle, but only before it was besieged by scores of militants who proceeded to bang on the roof, shout insults, and delay his afternoon appointments by two hours.

Terror on this scale is sadly all too common in areas where ISIS have gained control. In recent months, the Yazidi population of Iraq were detained on top of Mount Sinjar in the northwest of the country, unable to leave for fear of attack from Super Soakers.

International Human Rights organisations have even voiced concerns that ISIS may be using chemical weapons, with dangerous chemicals such as fluoride being added to the water to maximise the number of fatalities.

In other news, Irish Water protestors massacred 322 civilians, including women and children, in Sallynoggin, Dublin today. It’s believed the victims were lined up at the side of the road and executed before being dumped in a mass grave.