Pete the Sheepdog, who went missing in the community a fortnight ago and returned a week later, is to release a book about the adventures he had on his travels.

The 10-year-old sheepdog from Falcarragh, disappeared on November 3rd, causing his owners great distress and provoking the UN to launch an international search party, only to be found 12 days later out the back of his house, stuck in some briars.

Media around the globe covered the story in great detail, resulting in world-wide candle lit vigils being held; uniting people of all race, creed and religions; over speculation on where Pete the Sheepdog actually was.

Donegal Dollop now brings you a glimpse of Pete the Sheepdog’s unaccounted 12-day departure in these exclusive extracts from his book; Pete the Sheepdog: Long Walkies to Freedom:

“Day 1: Look at them briars. Bet I could run through them no bother. Betcha, hiy.”

“Day 2: What was I thinking?!! That was wile stupid. Hope nobody finds out.”

“Day 5: C’mon ya wastards, I’m out the back, hiy!”

“Day 8: Fluke sake, stuck in these bloody briars. Still.”

“Day 12: I’m out the baaaaaack! Look out the buckin’ kitchen windoooooooow!”


  1. This reminds me of the time my hamster ran away and sent me a letter from Paris, it read:

    ‘Dear Jim,
    I have to move on. You have to understand that the love between a hamster and a man can only last so long. I enjoyed snuggling up in your beard and the way you used to stroke my belly, but that’s all you ever give me, a good stroking. I need more. A hamster needs his cheeks filled, and you couldn’t satisfy my needs. Paris is my new home. I have someone else now, and they make me feel complete. Don’t come looking for me or I’ll knock your fuck in… Love, Shelia.’

    I can still remember his cologne, pish and wet hay; and his balls…! Christ! He loved a good run in those.