Just a few hours into their 24 hour demonstration, the Donegal water charge protesters have admitted that they picked a bad night for it.

Shivering outside the office of Fine Gael TD, Joe McHugh, one protester said, “Fluke this for a carry on, I’m bloody soaked and freezing me goolies off!”

The organisers say they chose tonight to camp outside the Junior Minister’s office for 24 hours because, when they checked this morning’s weather, they reckoned it was a “grand day for drying” and “fresh out but with a wee nip in it”.

Unfortunately for the protesters, who are standing up against the government’s water taxation debacle and the right to free water, the heavens opened just minutes after they had arranged their picket, spilling over 16mm of irony in less than an hour.

In related news, water charges protesters in Cork jeered Taoiseach Enda Kenny when he visited earlier. Mr Kenny said he couldn’t understand why the public were heckling him about water, before he jumped back into his gold-plated ministerial car and downed a pint of Dom Pérignon champagne.