World of Aircraft
World of Aircraft

A passenger plane has been escorted to Manchester Airport after an alarm was raised that one of the passengers, Josh Hartley (@JoshHartley_), had his smartphone turned on during the flight, playing the popular game, “World of Aircraft”.

The same flight had been subject to a military escort after the reporting of a suspect device on board, but authorities are treating the active phone signal on board as much more serious, giving rise to a request to RAF Cunilingus for emergency assistance.

“We have reason to believe the wee wastard was taking all sorts of inappropriate photos and videos and tweeting them out to the world, when he should have had the phone in airplane mode,” said a spokesperson for the cabin crew on board.

The twenty something year old British PSN and PC gamer, geek, nerd, full time saviour of galaxies, dragonborn, gaming addict, with a British accent, was unavailable for comment.

It is believed however that some airlines are interested in approaching Hartley with a view to having him test their on-board Wi-Fi on their new fleet of aircraft.