A Donegal man has left scientists scratching their heads in disbelief after claims he heard the lightning storm currently floating above Ireland.

Johnny Cluasa from Gweedore was overheard by a MET Éireann employee in the area asking his neighbour if he had “heard the lightning” earlier in the evening.

When questioned by the weather observer, Mr Cluasa told the meteorologist, “fluke me, it was terrible altogether. It was a wile close evening, I could see the sky getting fierce dark and knew it was going to do a big plump of rain, so I ran out and got me overalls off the line. Next thing I heard the flash and I swear to God, the windows in the scullery rattled.”

When queried further, the 66 year bachelor went on to describe the loudness of the lightning comparing it to “big, durty, bastardin’ barrels falling off scaffolding”.

Since this revelation, the scientific community have been in overdrive trying to explain Mr Cluasa’s incredible claims. A source in the Irish Meteorological Society told Donegal Dollop; “we’re absolutely dumbfounded by his abilities. During our investigations, he also claimed to hear the postman’s footprints every morning before Telly Bingo.”