The Duchess of Cambridge has revealed how she would love to spend the day shopping in the old Dunnes Stores.

The revelation comes after a chance encounter in the toilets of Buckingham Palace with a Letterkenny woman who was taking the guided tour of the famous London landmark.

“She was wile nice altogether,” the woman, from Fortwell, told Donegal Dollop. “She asked me where I was from and I told her I was from down the far end of Letterkenny, and that’s when she told me she’d often thought about going shopping for the day in the old Dunnes Stores.”

“Then she started asking me were they still well-known for having the latest fashions in the clothes section, and was The Wolfe Tone still the place to go for Celtic games,” our source continued. “She knew all about the place – that’s how I knew she wasn’t just saying lovely things to humour me. When she comes over she’ll be coming up to mine for a cuppa, and we might even head round to McGinley’s to watch a band and have a Sambuca or two, and maybe tear the wipers off a few of the cars parked in the alley on the way home.”

In other Donegal-related celebrity news, it is believed Sarah Jessica Parker has completed work on her teleportation experiment in the shed of her cottage in Kilcar, enabling her to nip over and back from New York to attend fashion week and drop her children to school, while still enjoying a relaxing break in the North-West.