Where's our baby girl? Up there in Donegal...
Where’s our baby girl? Up there in Donegal…

Donegal is receiving the news that the baby of American rapper, Kanye West and American Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, will be called “North”, making her full name, “North West”.

The news is bound to be a welcome boost for the North-West region of Ireland which has been crying out for a decent rap icon to claim as one of its own after a distinct lacuna in the hip hop pretender market since the demise of Eminem.

Sources have questioned whether the fact the baby is a girl somehow represents an obstacle to her triumphant return to Donegal as a native rapper, given the innate misogyny associated with Kanye’s lyrics.

Many believe her ‘brand’ alone should be enough to secure her Donegal heritage making her “dead on” for the Freedom of Donegal award 18 years from now. The ceremony for “Nori” will take place on “Tory” to continue a rhyming theme generally associated with the instilling of any award which fuels the god complex for any rap artist.

In other news, “Wanker” has been added to the official list of baby names, for both boys and girls.