A well-known Donegal woman’s wedding was ruined last weekend, when famous musicians, Phil Coulter and Cliff Richard, arrived uninvited to the event, demanding musical royalties.

The wedding of Maureen Wallflower and Yul Havtadoo, took place in Harvey Wallbanger’s Point on Saturday and was in full swing when the 1968 Eurovision singer/song writing team burst into the hotel’s ballroom.

The irate duo disrupted the couple’s big day in the middle of the wedding party’s rendition of ‘Congratulations’, Coulter & Richard’s number one hit.

“T’was tarrible scary, altogether” said one attendee. “I had to run for the jacks when Cliff Richard started to smash the place up, for fear of getting a crucifix fired at me,” added another.

Derry born musician, Phil Coulter, was enraged by the unlicensed performance of his Eurovision runner-up song yelling at the bride and groom; “I’ve had it up to here with people ripping off my wee tune, so I have!” before smashing the best man’s teeth in with a Casio keyboard.

The wedding-crashers left as suddenly as they’d arrived, leaving the newlyweds in disbelief amidst a scene of chaos, en route to a house in Moville, where the song was being sung to a 19 year old girl after passing her driving test.