Managers of the Ritz Hotel have been forced to call the GhostBusters to remove the spirit of 80’s UK Prime Minister and former living person, Margaret Thatcher, it has been revealed.

Baroness Thatcher had been staying in the famous hotel when after years of battling miner strikes, she succumbed to a minor stroke.

But her passing away in room 666 of the lavish London hotspot, has left management and staff terrified to return to the suite.

Gráinne Fraidycat, a chambermaid at the Ritz, originally from Ardara, explained to Donegal Dollop the fears she and her colleagues have following the death of the Iron Lady in their hotel.

“It’s wile frightening altogether so it is. We’re feared to go near her room in case we get a lamp, pillow or Poll Tax, fired at our heads,” said Fraidycat as she blessed herself three times.

Under continued pressure from staff, Hotel managers have hired the 80’s spook-specialists GhostBusters to capture the roaming spirit of Thatcher, who they hope will be extradited to Hades from whence she came later this week.