"What in under Jesus are you saying pet?"
“What in under Jesus are you saying pet?”

DD exclusive: A young woman has been turned down for a job in a Donegal chip shop because her Russian accent was too strong.

Nikita Yulnevano, from Moscow, applied for a job in a Letterkenny chip shop but failed her interview as a result of her not being understood clearly, a trait her interviewers deemed “necessary when dealing with people.”

The chip shop owners claimed that her accent was not up to Highland Radio standards – which is apparently a prerequisite to say the likes of “the cod will be five minutes” and “do you want salt and vinegar?”

Donegal residents, who are famously patient with people whom they can’t understand, are furious that Nikita did not get the job because of her incoherent accent. “Aw hiy, thone is wile carry on so it is. Poor lass cannae get a jab sir, jus because she had a wile broad aul way a chattin’ . That’s pure cat!” said Prof Thomas Chitchat, head of Linguistics at LYIT.

We interviewed Nikita, who has a Masters in English, but didn’t understand wan bloody word she said. She has since moved back to Russia where she has got a job as a teacher.