This could happen to your daughter if she reads a Sunday paper
This could happen to your daughter if she reads a Sunday paper

It is a world of sordid pictures of naked people, glorifying of gangsters, phone numbers to sexlines, details and images of violence and access to hardcore pornography. No, we are not talking about the dirty aul internet, Sunday newspapers play host to a wide variety of immoral content.

We expose the SHOCKING ‘truth’ about Sunday newspapers and how they could damage your child, yes YOUR child! Like the internet, if your child gains access to Sunday newspapers without your supervision they could be exposing themselves to content not fit for their eyes.

The Sunday World have a two page spread titillationfest in their Miss Sunday World special, where readers can “check out some of the beatuies” whose scantly clad pictures are there for your objectification. it all seems perfectly innocent I hear you say, put in the hands of YOUR teenager, this is an opportunity to see young women as sexual objects as he pleasures himself.

If that is not enough to get the young lawds going, page 51 of the the Irish Sunday Star provides access to hardcore pornography such as Celebrity Sex, which features ” ‘A’ list lookalike stars getting down and dirty in glorious close up”. But if your unsupervised teen doesn’t have £4.99 to spend on porn, on the same page there is an offer of a ‘Free Hardcore DVD for every reader”.

The Sunday tabloids also offer an array of sexline numbers such as ‘Crazy Sexy 65 Year Old Granny – Live Now -002 905 123’ that is on page 104 of the Sunday World. Such a phonecall could have lasting damage to the unsupervised teen, especially YOURS!!!!

It’s not just the tabloids that could warp your teenagers fragile mind, the front page of the Sunday Independent features  a picture of a highly sexualised 12 year old ‘prostitute’, which at the hands of teenage girl, could give a bad message. The same image at the hands of a dirty aul pedophile, well that’s a story for another day.

We at Donegal Dollop advise you not to take your parenting guidance from sensationalist print media and certainly, don’t leave them lying for your teenagers to be exposed to as it may very well kill their childhood, or at the very least provide them with wank material.