Fran or Jim?
Fran or Jim?

The new leader of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis I, has continued to redefine his role as Pontiff.

So far the Pope has given up his Vatican parking space, rejected his golf membership discount and handed in his Medjugorje giftshop loyalty card. The Pontiff has however, taken things a major step forward in his reformation by transferring his Papal Infallibility to social networking ‘giants’, Facebook.

Papal Infallibility means that God protects the Pope from error thus giving the previous two popes an unfair advantage at the Vatican table quiz.

The transfer of infallibility to Facebook will now mean that absolutely everything posted on the social networking site will be 100% correct. Everything posted on Facebook will be done so with  an unquestionable dogma.

Facebook’s infallibility could spark the end for internet search engine, Google,  as people will not be permitted to use it to research  the validity of a post by searching through the astronomical array of peer reviewed and cited materials that can be found on the internet.

Google will now be limited to being a tool for finding images of Justin Bieber, videos of dogs on skateboards and porn.

Pope Francis, who has recently become tech savy, will himself be using Facebook to advertise his Papal robes as he invests in layman civvies, making it even more difficult to distinguish between him and Jim Bowen.