The word ‘clouster’ is to be officially added to the Oxford English Dictionary following a ruling by the English Words Authority over by.

Clousters all over the county are celebrating at the news that Cabogs, Cabadans and Doses all across the county will finally have their status recognised in the English language.

“Aye, tá sin grate” said Jimmy Eeejit before telling us that “that there buck over yonder’s nawtheen but a clouster and now the world’d know it.”

The xxth April will now be known in Donegal as County Clouster Day and a new Clouster Festival Committee has been formed to organise clouster-relevant events in many Donegal cities such as clouster-throwing, clouster arts and an annual attempt to break the world record for the number of clousters assembled in Donegal.

It is not yet known whether or not the words ‘Wile’, ‘Naw’, ‘Aye’ and ‘na Péis’ will gain a similar status.