SHOCKING STATISTICS showing Donegal very similar to most other counties…

After some ground scratching research into past trends on the popular RTE programme, Winning Streak, we can EXLUSIVELY reveal that Donegal has about the same chance as every other county in Ireland of getting on the show, with the exception of Dublin, Cork and possibly Galway.

Over the past few years our team of actuaries and trained statisticians have been carrying out some very innovative research, the main REVELATION of which is that Donegal has roughly the same number of Winning Streak appearances over a year as most other counties, about 5 for every 100,000 of population.

The news comes as Donegal prepares itself for BACK TO BACK appearances (WOW!) on the show where a contestant gets on average around 23,000 euro for showing up and looking embarrassed to be on the telly. Other parts of the experience include obligatory family members kitted out in G.A.A gear, getting patronized by a TV presenter while talking yourself down in confidence as much as possible and the occasional finding of a five thousand euro amount in some bizarre concept called a ‘poulaphouca dam’.

Contestants are also said to experience ‘Diamond Dilemma’, a rare condition brought by the onset of not being able to see past euro-shaped gold bullion flashing before the retinas of the eyes.

We’ll bring you the URGENT news as to how much MONEY gets won on next Saurday’s show, and more importantly, how much gets WON BY A DONEGAL PERSON!!