Programme Gortahork Midnight Mass 1982

It is always a difficult decision when it comes to where to spend Christmas Eve, we really are spoiled for choice in this great and holy county of ours. Here are the top 5 mass venues in Donegal this year.

Glenties: God himself, aka Jim McGuinness, will be there with the lovely jumper Christy Toye got him for the Christmas. Fr. Sponger is expected to serve the blood of Christ out of the Sam Maguire Cup.

Gortahork: A nice quick mass, and you can slip out the back at communion-time and head over for a quick pint in Billy’s.

Milford: Gourmet body of Christ and fine wine, this the communion connoisseur’s mass of choice.

Tory: Patsy Dan does a quick decade of the rosary in The Club, then a big céilí until Santa comes over on the ferry.

Dunfanaghy:  5 hours of hymn singing, followed by sandwiches and bridge at the vicars house, where he lives with his wife. Aye, his wife, the dirty buggers!


  1. Aye, tis wile the way these Protestant priests do only have sex with women, but to marry them first, bejasus, it’s just desperate so it is. I hear tell some a them have nivir even set eyes on an altar boy wid ye believe!