Death in Vegas, Live in The Pale The best band to come out of Donegal since Goats Don’t Shave (all the best Donegal bands have a Vegas connection) will be taking their psychedelictronic rock roadshow to the Pale tonight as they play the Button Factory in Templebar. Fintan O’Toolbox will be backstage keeping the groupies warm and surreptitiously placing Donegal Dollop stickers on all of the band’s flight cases while Richard and the gang do their thing onstage. If you’re not lucky enough to be in Donegal this weekend, you might as well try and be here instead. Tickets cost €24.50. Doors 7.30pm.

Europe’s Strongest Mandible, Letterkenny Lantern-jawed macho men from across the continent will be descending on the de facto capital of Donegal this weekend to see who can claim the title of ‘Europe’s Strongest Mandible’. Contestants will have to fight it out in events such as ‘talking the back legs off a donkey’, an event that most Letterkenny men will fancy themselves in. Tickets cost €15.

Dunfanaghy Jazz Mag Festival The town of Dunfanaghy will be celebrating the golden age of pornography this weekend, as it casts an eye back on the days when people actually had to buy their pornography in magazine format. Special kiosks will be set up around the town to allow people to experience for themselves the shame and embarrassment that our ancestors used to have to endure when purchasing a copy of Razzle. Over 18s only (barely 18 will suffice).

Refreshers Week, LYIT Freshmen at LYIT will begin college life this Monday with the age-old tradition of living exclusively on refresher bars for an entire week. Those caught deviating from the compulsory diet will be beaten with a cricket bat by the entire St. Johnston cricket team in the town square. At the end of the week normal service will resume with the diet swapped for a continuous feed of Findus cripsy pancakes and Tesco Value pizzas washed down with Dutch Gold.

Take Your Pick! Sponsored by JobBridge, Teach Ruairí Teach Ruairí in Baltony will be hosting a special edition of ‘Take Your Pick!’ this Wednesday. Contestants will begin by choosing from a selection of pickaxes before helping to complete badly-needed maintenance on secondary roads throughout the parish. The person who puts in the most effort without complaining will stand a chance of winning gainful employment (though this is not guaranteed).