Wile weather… not cold though…

Donegal was subject to torrential rains yesterday, “but it wasn’t cold”.

As a warm front moved across the county between Sunday afternoon and late last night, a deluge of windy, wile wet rain poured down from Inishowen to Sligo, as trees were knocked, turf drenched and not a bit of gardening got done – “but it wasn’t cold.”

“Wet, but it’s not cold” is a unique meteorological phenomenon to Donegal where the most extreme of weather can be overlooked, as long as it’s not cold. With clouds bashing into the Bluestack and Derryveagh mountains, forcing them lower giving rise to heavy precipitation, people all over Donegal can go outside and get wet, but not cold.

As Autumn takes hold and temperatures drop, the chill in the “evenin’s gettin’ shorter” will mean that it will be cold, but thankfully it’ll be dry.

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