For there’s no cheese spread on earth just like…

A tub of soft cheese has been crowned Mary from Dungloe 2012, in an exciting final held in the Dungloe Velodrome last night.

The tub of Philadelphia, now with added garlic and herbs, came from behind in the sprint race to win the title ahead of rivals cheddar, easi-single and a dairylea triangle.

Philadelphia cheese has been successful on the International Lovely-Cheese circuit in recent years but up until last night, had not medalled at a major championship. The final round had all four cheesy finalists battling it out around the Dungloe Velodrome, after Feta, Danish-Blue and Bavarian-Smoked failed to progress past the semi-finals.

Stilton has launched a challenge to the result, saying she was a more deserving Mary than the others but the Mary From Dungloe Festival Committee turned down the appeal after they were each presented with five bags of cheese-strings.

The contest is world-famous and this year Dungloe attracted a crowd in excess of 10 million to witness this year’s anti-feminist provincial smugfest.