A box of Panadol, three Neurofen Plus tablets and four bottles of the crab-lice treatment, “Derbac M” have been found near the grounds of Letterkenny Hospital, after a Garda raid on the premises late yesterday evening.

At 20:06, the Gardaí received a tip-off from a Nurse on her fag break, who told them that she had misplaced a bag of “personal items” somewhere in the car-park. It was only when “Biscuit”, the squad’s sniffer-dog, ran to a green plastic bag suspiciously left on top of a red Ford Focus parked in the car park, did they realise they’d made a find.

“This is just the latest example of a town that is out of control” said Councillor Faragh Sheetimall, who has long campaigned for more resources for resourcing resourceful resources in the Letterkenny area. “This drugs find shows that people are clearly up to no good,” she added.

After forensic examination the find is believed to have a street value of €12.75.