Daniel: Had no idea!

There is villainous hand-rubbing going on in Dungloe these days, due to the fact that local global megastar Daniel O’Donnell’s new visitor centre has become an entirely unexpected success. Unbelievably, more than 5,000 people have ACTUALLY PAID to see a collection of Daniel’s old tat that he doesn’t use any more, much to the surprise of the crooner himself.

Said the octogenarians’ favourite, “I never expected that people would be that interested in seeing all my memorabilia,” raising serious questions as to why the project went ahead in the first place. One unconfirmed theory is that he is taking advantage of a good-natured local businessman in order to secure for himself a long-term storage facility to house all the stuff that he didn’t think a charity shop would be able to sell.

The centre is currently averaging an astonishing 50-60 visitors a day – a figure never witnessed before in an attraction of its type, or possibly even in an attraction with interesting things in it either.

Among the ‘attractions’ viewable at the centre are:

  • things he doesn’t wear anymore, but that he used to wear when he was making a complete show of himself, or getting married
  • a video of his best bits (12 minutes long – an achievement in itself)
  • a visitor’s book containing the names of foreign nationals from exotic places like the UK and America
  • official merchandise for you to buy and take home (€€€€€€€)

Daniel often attends the centre himself to say hello to the people he didn’t expect would be there lining his pockets. As well as increasing the chances of an encounter with the over-70s’ pin-up of choice, this, in theory, opens up the possibility of one lucky visitor happening across a piece of Irish cultural history that would be entirely free to a good home – imagine your friends’ jealousy if you were to return home with a stool fresh from Daniel’s behind that you had fished out of the centre’s Daniel O’Donnell-themed toilets… (we’re not saying he doesn’t flush, but it’s possible)

Although the centre are giving nothing away about plans for the future, we have a sneaking suspicion that a fast-paced ride on the ‘Danielcoaster’ will be available in the near future.


  1. Talk about sour grapes, you take the prize! There are thousands of us who would give our last dollar to see Daniel and his memorabilia bgecause he has brought so much happiness to us. I could go on and on butyou don’t even rate my time! You should be ashamed of yourself for dissing a man that is adored by so many. Shame on you!

    • Hi Phyllis,
      Thanks for your comment. Sorry you can’t distinguish between satire and sour grapes.
      I’m also sorry that your financial judgement would allow you spend your last dollar on seeing Daniel and his memorabilia – we can only hope that you have no dependants.
      I am, however, glad that you have the sense to realise that I don’t “rate your time,” and even more delighted that you deemed this article worthy of a response.
      Hope to hear from you again sometime soon 😉

      • Donegal Dollop !! what a great name cos its definately a load dung to put it politely. You have obviously never been to a show, never mind had a conversation with Daniel. This article makes my blood boil, you know nothing!!! Yes Daniel has made money, he has also done a lot of good with it. He makes people happy with his sincerity. He goes out of his way to do nice things for people. Its not just old women he appeals to, its just the old women now are fans who have loved him from the beginning. There are all ages at his shows, and more and more men.
        You need to get some facts before you write this toal rubbish and nonsense. You should be ashamed of yourself.I didnt think wonderful Donegal housed creatures like you.

        • Hi Ingrid,
          Yes!! Donegal Dollop!! It is a great name!!
          Did you think it was an accident until today??

          In relation to your observations, I am guilty as charged – a Donegalman who has never been to a Daniel show, nor had a conversation with Daniel. Please don’t alert the authorities. I do, however, take exception to your assertion that I “know nothing”. When the sum total of human knowledge relates to attending Daniel shows and having conversations with him, you may return and tell me I’m wrong. Also, if reading silly articles on the Internet makes your blood boil, you should probably talk to your doctor (you can have that nugget for free!).

          I’m not sure where you’re going with the stuff about his mass-appeal and good works, so I’ll have to assume that you’ve accidentally pasted some research for a book you’re writing about his life into your comment. Looking great! Keep it up.

          Regarding “facts” (Rafa??), I think you’ll find that this article is jam-packed with facts, and if you can strain your wee sense of humour just for a few wee seconds, you’ll be able to distinguish between the facts and the nonsense.

          Anyway, thanks for your comment, and just to prove that we’re every bit as generous as Daniel, we’d be more than happy to send you some stickers if you would like to send your address to donegaldollop@gmail.com. We’ll even draw some wee pictures of Daniel on the stickers if you want. You’ll be the coolest kid at the next Daniel O’Donnell gig. FOR SURE!!!

  2. It’d be a lot more profitable if he was to tuck into a few deep fried lard and jelly sandwiches, get himself addicted to tranquillisers, get a residency in a Casino, say somewhere classy like Las Bundoran, go for a shit in a Port-a-Loo backstage at one of his magnificent concerts and then well y’know………….show me the money! They’ll be raking in the Scottish Pounds!

  3. Never much cared for satire type humor seems to me it’s always at someone elses expense too back the author isn’t smart enough to think of something better to say, sorry I wasted my time reading the article…good luck on your career after you alienate everyone…Daniel fans are very protective, my 80 yoa husband is always enjoying Daniel’s singing/music and DVDs and my young grandchildren love him too…so it’s not just oldsters enjoying him…

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