Welcome to this feature, where we cast our eye over the Donegal Dollop history books and reveal some key moments in Donegal’s past.  So, without further ado…

D’ya mind what happened in Donegal on this day in…

1108: The O’Donnell clan hatch from the last remaining dragon egg in Fintown.

1823: Gweedore launches ‘The Bog ruining Summer holidays forever.

1968: Creeslough announces plans to become the most awkward town on earth.

1602: First bottle of McDaids ‘Football Special’ goes on sale. Originally named ‘fōt ball special privy remedy’.

1989: I watch Ghostbusters II at the cinema.

1963: Donegal County Enterprise Board President Martin Quango assassinated. A frozen turkey becomes his successor.

1492: Christy Columbas sails from Killybegs in search of old spice for his dad’s birthday.

2006: RTÉ mentions Donegal on TV for the first time ever. Riots erupt in Dublin.

402 BC: Ireland separates from Tory mainland.

1983: Denim successfully introduced to Donegal natives.