Mobile phone owners in the Donegal Gaeltacht are today up in arms due to the revelations that inserting a single ‘síneadh fada’ in a text message incurs a cost equal to three regular text messages.

While most of them usually neglect to insert commas, full-stops, hyphens, apostrophes, capital letters and, in some cases, the actual letters that belong in the words they’re trying to communicate, the thought of having to use letters without fadas has left many people incensed.

One Donegal Dollop reader, who refused to be named, sent the following message to Jack Hammer’s Nokia 8110 (you read that right – the phone from The Matrix – impressed much?): “dis a fkng balz my nmes seán ó ríordáin nd i cnt a4d 2 spl it propa nemore wen im askd 4 it n a txt”

Make of that what you will.

The move is expected to see a raft of businesses who were previously trading under Irish names make the leap to bearla, for fear that customers will stop recommending them in sms messages in favour of English-titled competitors. That could mean a change in name for An Chúirt hotel in Gweedore, popular pub Tír Na Nóg in Letterkenny, and possibly even Údaras na Gaeltacht.