The overlords of Donegal County Council came to a unanimous decision today to rename the town of Stranorlar to Ballybofey Jr.

Stranorlar, the small town with that impossible to exit T – Junction, will now be named after the slightly bigger town of Ballybofey, home to the Seymour Butts Memorial Hall and The Ballybofey Ritz.

Speaking from a magic mirror in the mystical land known as Lifford, Councilor Tadhg Meout told Donegal Dollop, “For too long Stranorlar has been riding the back of Ballybofey’s successes like a wee Irish Canada.”

Cllr Tadhg Meout added, “We put this serious issue to a vote and as you well know; No lightly, No likey, so bish bash bosh…Ballybofey Jr.”

The decision was welcomed by the people of Finn Valley, with the exception of the odd 14 or so residents, including the man who works in the gun shop. Local fish-themed football club Finn Carps were delighted with the news, “It’s an excellent decision for us, we’ve had our eye on a haddock transfer from The John Dory Diner for a while now.”