Can Pay, Won’t Pay

A county councillor in Donegal has said that 55% of Donegal people are cheap bastards, after council figures show as much as 45% of Donegal households have registered for the household charge. The latest statistics show a total of 30,548 households have already paid their dues while another 2,635,548 are currently bring processed.

“Buckin Cheap Wastards”, councillor Tommy Toity said today when the latest statistics were released. That figure is more or less in line with the national trend. According to the government, over 500 million of Ireland’s 1.2 billion population are now registered for the charge and paying their way, while the rest of the moaning “Can Pay Won’t Pay” freeloaders continue to break the law.

“When I was o’er in England hiy, you’d pay over two thousand every year for your concil tax hiy; and that was in the Queen’s money”, said Toity, a Dunfanaghy native and president of the local branch of the orange guild.

Whatever the actual figures we can say with certainty here at the Dollop, that 46.2% of the majority of the national average of both those in the lowest middle income bracket and hard workers in receipt of social welfare payments, who have seen their benefits slashed with pension levies, universal social housing charges and a 4% flat rate on the level to which the VAT rate in their local shop exceeds the level of GDP as a ratio of government spend, minus any Nama related liability, are now compliant with the household charge.

Good job Enda.