“Little fat man wants to be in the movies”

After yesterday’s announcement of the remake of ‘Terminal Velocity’ to be made in Termon, there is more good news for the Donegal Film Industry and the slacker community.

Thousands of Donegal-based dole-bludgers are about to get some handy cash-in-hand by signing up as extras for a major Hollywood film to be shot in St. Johnston. Filmmaker and Jew, Woody Allen, is said to be making a sequel to the Richard Attenborough hit comedy, Gandhi.

A source close to the Jew said that the film is to be shot in St. Johnston due to how closely the Lagan area resembles India. One local film buff told Donegal Dollop how this is good news for the area: “A lotta wans aboot here hae nae work noo sir, so that juck’s film will be sam jab sir. There is nae mare tattie hokin oot this way so it’s hard tae make a few poun’ so it is. There are wains walkin’ aboot the Lagan wae their claes hangin’ aff and them near starvin wae hung’r. Mind you sir, they look the part for them wee Indian wains back in Gandhi’s day. Ya know what I mean sir?”

The sequel takes up the story from where the 1982 film left off. Gandhi, played by Allen, is reincarnated as a giant dismembered phallus who leads his people to victory over the Pakistanis by using extreme violence…and wit.

Filming is expected to start in the fall.