If you don’t believe me, “you must be on drugs”

A Donegal “online news journalist” is making the dramatic claim today that people who disagree with him must be on drugs and therefore everyone except him must be on drugs.

The allegations came about when he posted a story on his amateur news website about a murderer who was reported to have been murdered, and it turned out that the murderer was still alive and hadn’t even killed anybody.

The online community then began to question his story and as the tweets and facebook posts came in, he was forced to press the delete button and in one sweeping statement, announced that everyone who disagrees with him is on drugs (cocaine, to be exact).

Gardaí are taking these allegations very seriously because by association, he’s alleging that they’re on drugs as well, given that they don’t believe his crappy stories either.

“Aye, all I’m doing is trying to pass the happenings in the world off as my own hiy, so I should be left to get on with it. It’s not every day we have good weather so it’s important that I take other peoples’ photos and put them onto my site to show everyone the photos of what people are seeing. Otherwise how are they going to know that we’re having good weather?” he said, absolutely sure that when he was called into question about it not being that good a day at all weather-wise, it was because those who disagree with him “must be on drugs.”

We would have questioned him further on the matter but he ran after getting wind of a “news” story about a Donegal woman who has been selling jam to a shop in Dublin for a while, which Angelina Jolie purchased one day while in Dublin to promote a movie, and therefore “Donegal Sells Jam to Hollywood, WOW!”

If you disagree, you must be on drugs.


    • What, me? Reply to myself, is it? Sure I never wrote that above there in the first place. It was probably the nuns.