12-year-old Jamesie Boyle, of Knightswood in Glasgow, is to sue his uncle, Seamus Boyle, after he was allegedly seduced into working a 17-hour stint in a Cashelnagore bog while visiting Donegal with his family last summer. It is thought that the family dispute could end up being a landmark case that could see the floodgates open for thousands of similar claims from second-generation Irish cousins living overseas.

“It was terrible, I didnae ken if it was ever gonnae end,” said a distraught Jamesie in an exclusive interview with Donegal Dollop, “ma cousins kept goin’ on aboot this ‘magical, mythical land of excitement’ called ‘the bog’ and I got excited when ma uncle said he was gonnae show me what it was like, but when we got there it was just this brown, soggy wasteland and ma cousins were awe pissin’ themsels laughin’ at me.”

Jamesie allegedly spent 17 hours being eaten by midges while trying to master the ancient art of ‘footing’ and suffered third degree burns as a result of the baking heat. He allegedly received no monetary compensation for his efforts, his only reward being a Country Spring bottle of ‘tae’, which was stored in the murky waters of the bog itself, and some blackened ‘hang sangiches’, which had been squashed beyond recognition during the tractor journey there. Earlier promises that he would be allowed to drive the tractor some of the way home were also allegedly reneged upon.

The case may not be a simple one, however, as Jamesie’s uncle Seamus is reportedly counter-suing his Scottish relatives for allegedly “eating him out of house and home” during their unannounced three week visit, during which he also alleges they ate all of ‘the good biscuits’.


  1. haha classic ,i dont want to be pedantic but i am so ill point out its knightswood not nightswood & you would never hear a glaswegian say “ken”……. thats teuchter lingo ,,keep up the good work!

  2. Aye, an’ sum of us wummin as well. Ah’ll nivver forget huvvin’ tae drink tea fae a durty black kettle that hud been birried in the bog fur years…an’ Ah wiz dead dry efter the dance in Creeslough Hall the night afore, so I drank a haunful o’ watter fae the river, then foun’ a deid sheep in it. Wan o’ ma wellies is still bogged at the fit o’ Muckish…

  3. It wizny jist the boys, wan o’ ma wellies is still bogged at the fut o’ Muckish…pure torture…Ah wiz gonnae wear it tae the dance in Creeslough Hall that night…

  4. I dont think this story is in the least bit funny…that poor boy could be scarred for life,im going to report his uncle to the authorities…its akin to child abuse,pure disgraceful carry on,child slavery in this day and age,shameful…

  5. Great stuff! Pity my uncle Ned has passed away. If this case is successful it could open the floodgates for generations of descendants of Irish emigrants who were shipped over from Scotland every summer to perform slave labour in these Donegal bogs. All I got for my sweat and blisters was a pair of wellies and ten bob a week to go to the pictures in Falcarragh or Derrybeg on a Sunday. Justice at last!!

  6. Oops! Just noticed I parroted some of the remarks near the beginning of the article. I can only put it down to brain damage from falling off turf lorries and down bog holes where lonely sheep dwelt. Sorry!

  7. The feeling of joy for a young Gorbals child on his first ‘hurl’ in a tractor soon fades after a day of ‘bagging’…. Not even the decadence of the Kilmacrennan Disco could lift the spirits…. Thereafter the bagging was the taking home the turf… I often wondered why time stood still in the Bog before I realised my kindly Uncle John used to wind his watch back…..

  8. Hilarious. Reminds me of my childhood holidays trecking between family bogs and being paid with a massive plate of praitees! Dunmore, Meenacreva and Bunbeg to name a few. At least I got to learn how to smoke Carrols fags and eat Oatfield boilers till my hearts content:)

  9. Ah sure jaysus, tae never tasted better than it in an aul bottle in the bog, as for the tayto crisps!! That’ll be the best and honest days work that young lad will EVER do in his life!!

  10. And all these years I thought it was only me that it happened to!

    When you get round to compiling your ‘Best of the DD’ print edition, this one definitely gets included!

  11. Love it brought back great memories and a hearty laugh here! Should be introduced as a mandatory tour of duty for all 12 year olds – lesson in life and work and i bet school won’t seem so bad either lol!