They give good mass

Worried about the falling standards of the clergy in Ireland, Drumkeen man Joey Bolegs has set up a new website which rates priests’ performance at mass and in their day-to-day duties.

Speaking exclusively to Donegal Dollop, Mr. Bolegs said “The idea came to me in a dream while I was asleep at mass one day. When the alter boy rang the bell I woke up shouting rate my priest dot I E.” His outburst caught the attention of all at mass, “The place went silent at first but then one person stood up and started to clap slowly, clap…clap…clap, then one by one people stood up to clap, slowly at first, until soon everyone in the chapel was giving me a rapturous ovation,” said the web wizard. “I got up and walked down the aisle, when I reached the door, I turned to them and joyously threw my hat into the air, it was the proudest moment of my life,” he added.

Mass goers wil be able to log on to the site and give their priest marks out of ten in the following areas:

  • Mass Speed
  • Communion
  • Quality Penance
  • Fire & Brimstone
  • Last Rights Administration
  • Gives Good Mass
  • Attractiveness

Joey is due to launch his website in time for this year’s First Holy Communion. “It should really keep the priests on their toes for what is a huge occasion for 8-year-old kids.”

If the site is successful Joey intends to follow up with and