Woman says "she didn't even notice" earthquake
Could have been a pothole

A German woman, who wished not to be named, experienced the earthquake that took place yesterday as she and her husband were driving their caravan on the R245 close to Milford.

When contacted by Donegal Dollop, the woman claimed she didn’t even notice the earthquake. “My husband was driving the caravan at the time and I was in the back opening some beans,” she said, “to be honest I didn’t even notice it.”

“We didn’t realise anything at the time but when we made it to Milford it was clear something had happened. Our fears were then confirmed when we checked with local news websites.” Her husband stated to us that he thought he had just hit one of Donegal’s many famous potholes.

Earthquakes are not a rare occurrence in Donegal as many may remember the quake that hit back in January 26th and measured a whopping 2.2 on the richter scale. Scientists and seismologists have concluded that an earthquake happens every 4 seconds in some part of the world.