A Worried-Looking Michael D.

A hipster campaign to stop Michael D. Higgins has gone viral this afternoon in the wake of news that vast amounts of oil have been discovered off the Cork coast.

The campaign, which got 176 million followers in just two seconds claims that President D. has been kidnapping chickens to feed his egg-sucking habbit.

The campaign asks its followers to buy T-Shirts with the words ‘Stop D 2012’, on sale for €50 each along with bracelets featuring a chicken at a reasonable €150 each.

The campaign advise potential followers not to research any of the information beforehand, as it takes too long and could be dangerously enlightening.

The Donegal branch of the camapaign is led by hipster, Alan Bork, who said “we need to act now to stop Michael D. before it goes too mainstream.”

Other hipsters have dropped out of the campaign, “I was against Michael D. before it was cool,” said Rowan Clop of the Fanad Hipster Union.

Experts on the region’s conflict have warned that it could well be war propaganda. “It could well be war propganda,” said Enda O’Barneen of the Ardsbeg Institute of Political Science. Asked if it could have anything to do with the newly discovered oil, Mr. O’Barneen remarked “Oil? What Oil? We have Oil, YEEEAHAAAA, we’s rich, rich I tells yas.”

Mr D. Higgins is currently said to be in hiding…in his crawl space in Áras an Uachtaráin.