Goats Don't Shave. Clearly.

A Donegal man, Pat Gallagher, the former lead singer of semi-popular band, Goats Don’t Shave, may or may not be under investigation by the Garda vice squad in Glenties after allegedly boasting about his plans to “build a wall around Donegal” and “legalise casinos and brothels.”

A spokesperson for the County Council said “while such a large-scale building project would be a boost to the local economy, a ten foot wall surrounding the entire county is very unlikely to get planning permission.”

A lady-Garda (or possibly a receptionist) at Glenties Garda station said “we don’t have a vice squad,” later adding “I don’t really have time for this.”

Gallagher himself was unavailable for comment, but a source allegedly next to or close to him was heard to say “which Pat Gallagher are you talking about?….No, he’s not here, he left about half an hour ago.”