A Donegal man has become embroiled in the controversy over a Frontline Presidential debate in which former dragon, Sean Gallagher, was tricked into admitting he was a lifelong supporter of Fianna Fáil who made personal visits to convicted criminals in order to collect cash in brown envelopes.

The man, known locally as ‘Reclining Bear’, is a prominent shaman in the Lifford community and was actually in the audience on the night of the infamous debate. He claimed that just prior to the opening round of questions a very strange, warm feeling washed over him and it was at that point that he realised something was amiss. When asked to describe in detail what this strange warm feeling was like, Mr. Reclining Bear said “it was similar to the feeling you might get if a high-powered, professional studio lighting rig were turned on all of a sudden…but eerier.”

As soon as Mr. Reclining Bear realised something was up he tried desperately to rectify the situation by directing a stream of expletives and disturbing gesticulations at host, Pat Kenny. Unfortunately, Pat Kenny had been set to ‘sleep mode’ at that point and was only responding to direct MS-DOS commands from the floor manager.