Donegal allegedly witnessed a flurry of solar activity over the weekend with the Alaskan Geophysical Institute reporting level six northern lights over much of northern Europe following a large solar flare earlier in the week.

Although a handful of local photographers actually did manage to capture a glimpse of the elusive light show, other less qualified commentators have also been quick to jump on the auroral bandwagon. One local man from Magheraroarty has been regaling colleagues in the local pub with tales of what he saw whilst walking home late on Friday evening.

“Jeez it was crazy hey, so it was. It was kinda like a light but it was kinda flashing every so often and it was a bit hard to see, so it was,” said the eye witness, “I could see it out over Tory island, every few seconds you’d see it flash, it was mental, so it was.”

Aurora Borealis
The Aurora Borealis, so it is.