Tommy Kidon

Many students in the county were shocked this morning to learn that their third-level education could be cut short as it was announced that the Donegal campus of the University of Life is to close.

Dean of the University, Dr. Sally Rod, in a statement this morning said “I am sad to announce that this fine educational establishment is to close its doors after all these years.” This sentiment was echoed by Professor Liam Malone, head of the Uni’s School of Hard Knocks, “so many brilliant Donegal people have graduated from this University, The School of Hard Knocks having a particular resonance in this area.”

Chairperson of the UL alumni, Kathleen Smide, told us at Donegal Dollop “I can’t say it was unexpected, it was on the cards for a long time, there just isn’t the money in the county to keep a University of this nature open, it’s difficult enough as it is to fund actual Universities.”

Some of the students at the campus were already considering their options to continue their studies. “I am hoping to transfer to The National College of Swings and Roundabouts,” said Nora Meehan, a second year student of Dis n’ Dat. “Hang on, it’s a real Uni?” said Tommy Kidon, “I just put it down as my college on Facebook because I never went, I didn’t know it was actually a real college.”