A Donegal man who was in the audience on the night that two-time failed Presidential candidate, Dana, won The Eurovision Song Contest in 1970 has come forward after all this time to describe what he called an “odd experience”.

Jim Gobranigan from Muff said “after having flown all the way to Holland, I felt it odd that no-one saw me to my seat once inside the  RAI Congrescentrum in Amsterdam. It wasn’t as though they had hundreds of audience members to attend to.”

Jim, who has all of Dana’s records, said “I overheard audience members as young as 22 talking about subjects that I knew nothing about such as politics…well, this set alarm bells ringing, BIG TIME!”

Jim, who left school at 15, stated “I thought there was no way people, roughly around university graduation age, could know these things, they must have been fed this information by people at the top.”

Jim tried bringing his conspiracy theories to the attention of the host that evening, Willie Dobbs. “I tried shouting at and insulting Willie at the interval” said Jim, “but that was surprisingly to no avail.”

Jim accepts that on this occasion his hero, Dana, did win, “but if she didn’t, I could blame it on a conspiracy theory long after the event,” explained a very ‘odd’ Jim.