After weeks of our hopes being raised, there was finally unbridled joy on the streets of Letterkenny this evening as the town made its long awaited appearance on RTÉ’s Republic of Telly.

Letterkenny went from being ‘just another town’ to media sensation by being the subject of a two-minute slot on the telly.

The appearance follows something of a false dawn after the townsfolk were wrongly informed that they were to become collectively famous at an earlier date.

Letterkenny on the telly. Absolutely unbelievable.

“It was mental!” panted one exasperated Letterkennyite, clearly feeling the effects of the carnival atmosphere gripping Main Street. “That was like, where I live…on the telly!” he continued, while simultaneously declining to be named.

Celebrations on the streets of Letterkenny this evening

“Fuck You!” fuckyou’d one man in the clip, while another licked his finger AFTER PUTTING IT IN HIS BELLY BUTTON! ‘Some boys’ doesn’t even come close.

Local business owners are said to be breaking out in cold sweats just thinking about the job creation opportunities presented by the town’s new-found fame, with town councillors believed to be holding emergency meetings to devise strategies to deal with the expected increase in tourism.

Sources from inside RTÉ have remained tight-lipped, but a woman putting on a man’s voice (or perhaps a man putting on a woman’s voice) who answered the phone said “I don’t believe RTÉ have ever done anything like this before. It certainly is a break from the norm,” with tight lips.