The Donegal Dollop Guide to Kerry

This time two years ago, we produced the Donegal Person's Guide to Dublin, to help out all the wastards going up to the capital for the All Ireland Final. Tomorrow, we go down/up there again so that we may achieve a Read more

A Donegal Person's Guide to Dublin

This weekend many of you will be venturing up/down to Dublin for the All-Ireland final. For a lot of you, it will be your first time to set foot on the lush fertile soil of 'The Pale'. This can Read more

Government to Roll Out New ‘Direct Privation’ Scheme

The Government have this evening announced that they plan to replace the controversial ‘Direct Provision’ scheme (which aims to meet the basic needs of food and shelter for asylum seekers directly while their claims for refugee status are being processed) Read more

Billy-No-Mates Finally Gets ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Nomination

A 36-year-old Donegal man has finally received an ALS Ice Bucket Challenge nomination. Billy-No-Mates, an unemployed bachelor who still lives with his parents, was notified via Facebook of his nomination late last night, roughly 3 weeks after the Ice Bucket Read more

ECB Divides Key Interest Rate by Zero

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The ECB has divided its main refinancing rate by 0 in a move expected to cause its main calculator to show an error. Making the announcement earlier today, ECB President Mario Draghi said they were now at the point where they had moved the rate so close to zero, that it was time to divide the rate by zero, turning it into something else entirely, completely incalculable and non-existent. The move comes as pressure mounts on the ECB to introduce Quantitative… Read More

Strike Action at Iarnród Éireann Averted, Donegal People Not Bothered Either Way

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The Next Train is Due 1953

Talks at the Labour Relations Commission have resulted in the proposed rail strike to be called off by Iarnród Éireann affecting absolutely no one in Donegal in any way, shape or form. Donegal, situated in the North West of the Republic of Ireland, has been left without a rail service for over quarter of a century and has been made to make do with a bus service similar to third world countries. Donegal Dollop asked people from across the county… Read More

Burton Unveils “Work-Bridge-Job-Path-Employment-Bridge-Service-Way”

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"The Architect"

Minister for Social Protection Joan Burton has announced a revolutionary employment scheme called “Work-Bridge-Job-Path-Employment-Bridge-Service-Way” Unlike its previous inception, “Nothing for Something” (a.k.a JobBridge) this latest version of the scheme, known as “tender pretender”, allows private companies earn a fee for providing “employment services” to long term unemployed people. These include: • Synchronising synergies to realise sustainable job growth among the long term unemployed (Hoopwaffle) • Provision of services to strategically align skill-sets with the demands of a dynamic economy (More… Read More

Passenger Plane Escorted to Manchester After Passenger Dangerously Live Tweets Flight

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World of Aircraft

A passenger plane has been escorted to Manchester Airport after an alarm was raised that one of the passengers, Josh Hartley (@JoshHartley_), had his smartphone turned on during the flight, playing the popular game, “World of Aircraft”. The same flight had been subject to a military escort after the reporting of a suspect device on board, but authorities are treating the active phone signal on board as much more serious, giving rise to a request to RAF Cunilingus for emergency… Read More

Donegal Challenges Israel to ‘Square Go’

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Donegal has officially waded into the Israel/Palestine conflict this afternoon after Donegal County Council voted unanimously to challenge Israel to a ‘square go’. Over 30 Councillors backed the motion, which calls for Israel to stop hiding behind the United States of America and to cease their use of drones and long distance rocket strikes to target schools, hospitals, and children playing football on the beach. Under the definition outlined in the 1949 Geneva Convention, the use of such measures against… Read More

Enda Kenny to Assist Argentine PM in Completely Fucking Up Country

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Yes Way Baby...

Taoiseach Enda Kenny is on his way to Buenos Aires this morning to assist the beleaguered Argentinian Prime Minister, Cristina de Kirchner, in the final stages of the complete fucking up of the South American country. As Argentina begins to default on its debts, it is understood that Argentine officials have made an official request to the Irish government for assistance in getting its population to bend over and take austerity up the ass, while the government empties their pockets. President… Read More

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